Bontrager Verse Short Pro Saddle

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Verse Short Pro Saddle

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Bontrager Verse Short Pro Saddle

For riders who are looking for high-end performance engineering with lightweight materials and durability combined into an ergonomic design, then Bontrager’s Verse Short Pro Saddle is the solution.

Its premium status is earned from featuring a carbon-reinforced body to provide the ultimate strength to weight ratio, while the shorter length paired with a long cut out from the centre ensures more precise support on the sit bones.

Comfort and flexibility are provided from the ‘Wing-flex’ technology that allows the shells edges to move with the body while pedalling, ensuring compliance is obtained to enhance performance.


  • The short profile provides targeted support for any rider in a performance riding position
  • Wing Flex allows the shell's edges to adapt to riders' inner leg movement and pelvic rotation
  • Full saddle cut-out minimises soft-tissue pressure for lasting comfort and performance
  • Oversized carbon rails for lightweight strength (specific seatpost ear clamps required)
  • A lightweight carbon-reinforced shell perfectly balances weight, strength and compliance
  • Multiple widths and extended rail clamping area give more fit options
  • inForm saddles are born of cutting-edge biomechanical research to maximise performance and rider comfort
  • Blendr accessory mounts offer clean integration of a Flare rear light
  • Width options: 145mm, 155mm
  • Oval 7 x 10mm oversized rail dimensions
  • Cover material: F-24 (soft-touch)
  • Rail material: Carbon fibre

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