Campagnolo Chorus 12-Speed Chain

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Chorus 12-Speed Chain

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The Campagnolo Chorus 12-Speed Chain is designed to work in conjunction with the ramps and teeth on the groupset’s chainrings and cassette to give accurate, quickfire shifting even under pressure.

Despite the chain’s narrowness, durability is still as good as the previous generation's 11-speed chain thanks to extensive testing and a new design.

Campagnolo Chorus 12-Speed Chain

The Chorus 12-Speed Chain from Campagnolo is just 5.15mm wide and has a smooth external surface with the pins sitting flush so as to enable it to work with the narrow confines of the 12-speed cassette. The chain profile has been optimised to engage perfectly with the sprockets and ramps on the chainrings and cassette for rapid, accurate shifting and quiet running, even with the large gear options now available. Campagnolo has invested much time and effort to ensure that the 12-speed chain is no less durable than the previous 11-speed iteration.


  • 114 links
  • 5.15mm wide, the narrowest chain ever produced for maximum smoothness and precision when shifting
  • The external part of the link is perfectly smooth
  • Faster lighter shifting
  • Extremely high-performance levels and durability over time
  • Pins aligned with the external surface: Smoothness and precision
  • Lighter, narrower chain than the 11-speed, but just as durable
  • Optimised design: Optimum performance in line with the design of the teeth on the sprockets and crowns
  • Ultra-link System: Top-level smoothness and less dispersion
  • Claimed weight: only 241 grams (110 links)

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