Campagnolo Super Record EPS Wireless Left Lever and Rear 140 Caliper



Super Record EPS Wireless Left Lever and Rear 140 Caliper
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Campagnolo Super Record EPS Wireless Left Lever and Rear 140 Caliper

A masterpiece born from meticulous craftsmanship. Campagnolo's unwavering dedication to thorough research and rigorous real-world testing ensures that this wireless groupset stands as a beacon of technological advancement. Crafted with a premium design that spares no effort, it's the ultimate choice for those who demand uncompromising performance.

Created in collaboration with athletes and engineers from the AG2R Citroen Team, this groupset embodies Campagnolo's 'Dream Bigger' ethos, characterized by innovation and individuality. Constructed using the finest-grade carbon fiber, titanium, and aluminum, it delivers peak functionality while keeping weight to a minimum.

Enhancing ergonomics to a new pinnacle, these shifters offer unparalleled efficiency and effectiveness. The control body's shape guarantees a secure and comfortable grip, and the brake lever's position can be tailored to your preferences – adapting effortlessly to various handlebars and hand sizes.

Seamless Wireless Shifting

Flawless Bluetooth communication ensures instantaneous component interaction. Every aspect has been meticulously optimized for ultimate functionality, including the convenience of quick-snap magnetic charging ports, vibrant LED battery indicators, and rapid charging capabilities – minimizing downtime and getting you back on the road swiftly.

Revolutionized Ergonomics

A new standard in lever and hood design, prioritizing comfort during long, demanding rides while offering enhanced control. Meticulously engineered for seamless gear changes in a single motion, ensuring smooth shifts without missing a beat.

Responsive Precision Braking

Campagnolo has pushed the boundaries to deliver rides that come alive with every pedal stroke. The cutting-edge braking system responds instantaneously to your input, providing an unparalleled level of precision and control for an exceptional riding experience.

Seamless App Integration

Elevate your riding experience with the advanced MyCampy app. Tailor-made for effortless use, it offers fully customizable controls to suit your preferences. Keep track of your progress, monitor battery status, and more – all at your fingertips, anytime, anywhere. This app redefines your interaction with the groupset, ensuring the ultimate riding journey.



  • Redesigned body lever shape utilises extra grip and cushioning for enhanced riding comfort
  • Ergonomically shaped brake levers provide improved control and a more efficient braking experience
  • Shifting experience with one lever, one action functionality
  • Battery status LED light provides clear feedback

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