Campagnolo Super Record EPS Wireless Rear Derailleur



Super Record EPS Wireless Rear Derailleur
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Campagnolo Super Record EPS Wireless Rear Derailleur

Crafting a moment of perfection is a process that demands time and precision. Campagnolo's unwavering dedication to extensive research and meticulous real-world testing underscores the innovation of this wireless groupset. With an unwavering commitment to quality, the design is streamlined and uncompromising, meeting the needs of those who seek top-tier performance.

Developed in collaboration with athletes and engineers from the AG2R Citroen Team, this groupset embodies Campagnolo's 'Dream Bigger' ethos – a celebration of ingenuity and standing out. Engineered with the utmost attention to detail, it combines high-spec carbon fiber, titanium, and aluminum to achieve maximum functionality while maintaining minimal weight.

Magnetic Charging Port

Charging becomes effortless and secure through magnetic charging ports. Both front and rear derailleurs share the same port, simplifying the process.

Battery Status Indicator

A 4-level LED indicator provides clear information about your derailleur's charge:

1 LED light on: 0-25% charge
2 LED lights on: 25-50% charge
3 LED lights on: 50-75% charge
4 LED lights on: 75-100% charge

Enduring Power & Swift Charging

Campagnolo's ingenuity has resulted in a battery with an impressively long lifespan. Capable of accompanying you for up to 750km before needing a recharge, it can be fully revitalized in just 60 minutes. Furthermore, a clear LED indicator signals the remaining battery life.

Seamless App Integration

Expand your experience with the cutting-edge MyCampy app. Thoughtfully designed for effortless usability, it offers fully customizable controls tailored to your preferences. Track your progress, monitor battery status, and adjust settings at your convenience – anytime, anywhere. This app enhances your interaction with the groupset, delivering the ultimate riding experience.


  • Precise shifting: Fluid, efficient and reliable in any conditions
  • Internal jockey cage with geometry that reduces the risk of spoke jamming
  • Easy and quick charging: Quick snap magnetic ports
  • Easy installation: Wireless system cuts out time
  • Position sensor: The gear always positions itself automatically in the perfect point for the selected sprocket
  • Unlock system: The manual gear unlocking system means that in the event of an anomaly, the gear can be moved manually to the preferred position. It can also be locked back with the upward shifting lever during use.
  • Dust cap on brass bearings
  • Batteries not included

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