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Castelli Nanoflex Knee Warmers

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The Castelli Nanoflex Knee Warmers are the perfect item for when the weather is turning.

Light enough to be stashed in a jersey but plenty warm without having to fully cover up. The Nanoflex fabric is water resistant to provide another layer of protection without compromising breathability.

Castelli Nanoflex Knee Warmers

A staple part of any cyclist’s wardrobe in the humble knee warmer. One of the most versatile pieces of kit a rider will own. This is even more so with the Castelli Nanoflex Knee Warmers, the choice of Team Connondale cyclists when the weather turns bad.

Unlike bog standard knee warmers that absorb water, weighing you down, getting you cold and making you uncomfortable, the Nanoflex material is water resistant and keeps the worst of the weather at bay.

This knee warmer then has another party trick in the dry, when it transforms into a Thermo-Flex product, keeping the rider warm and keeping the wind chill off with a very stretchy fabric.

The Nano name comes from the use of nanofilaments, that repel water and allows rain to run off the fabric rather than absorbing it.

Do not panic though, this is not a boil in the bag, sweaty garment though. The Nanoflex material is still highly breathable, an ideal fabric whatever the temperature or whatever falls out of the sky.

Silicone grippers round the legs keep the warmers from slipping down.


  • Water-resistant Nanoflex fabric
  • Same breathability , stretch, and warmth as Castelli's standard Thermoflex warmers
  • Double-sided Silicone grippers keep the warmers in place
  • Great in every possible condition
  • Available in a range of sizes
  • Weight: 82g
  • Temperature range: 14-22°C, 57.2-71.6°F

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