Castelli Premio Gloves

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Premio Gloves

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Castelli Premio Gloves

Castelli's Premio Gloves are designed to provide comfort and support to cyclists during long rides. The gloves feature stretch woven fabric, similar to the material found in the Premio Black Bib Shorts, which conforms to the shape of the wearer's hand and provides a secure fit. However, the primary function of these gloves is to cushion the palms and enhance grip on the handlebar.

The gloves are engineered with a seamless synthetic palm surface that is coated with tacky silicone grips, which work in conjunction with the Castelli Damping System to minimise vibrations during rides. The damping system is specifically designed to absorb the impact and vibrations experienced while cycling, particularly around the median nerve, which is vulnerable to injury from prolonged or rough riding. Thus preventing both superficial and tissue injuries.

The gloves feature thick gel padding at the base of the thumb, along the edge of the hand near the ulnar nerve, and at the base of the hand near the wrist. Additionally, smaller gel pads are located at the base of each finger. The base of the palm and three outer fingers feature punched perforations that facilitate ventilation and keep hands dry.


  • A quality, comfortable fingerless glove that protects your hands from vibrations
  • Palm is seamless and has silicone grips to help you grasp your handlebar
  • Back is stretch woven for softness and provides a good, supportive fit
  • Castelli Damping System to guard your nerves
  • Gloves are held in place by a Velcro strap that allows easy on-off
  • Perforations in palm and outer fingers that allow air to circulate

Castelli Premio Gloves Sizing

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