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CeramicSpeed UFO Shimano 11-Speed Chain

UFO Shimano 11-Speed Chain

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Product ID: 1178827

CeramicSpeed's UFO Shimano 11-Speed Chain is smooth and fast.

It's undergone a UFO optimisation treatment, created following in-house and real-world testing and will help you save those precious watts come race day.

CeramicSpeed UFO Shimano 11-Speed Chain

When you're looking to gain every possible advantage, the CeramicSpeed UFO Shimano 11-Speed Chain is ideal, saving watts through unmatched efficiency. This is thanks to the UFO multi-step optimisation process, and the additional benefit of lower friction and smoother running is guaranteed for 600km. This is a great choice for racing in dry conditions.

Please note, within 600km/370 miles, to benefit from the full advantages of the CeramicSpeed UFO Racing Chain, you must not wash the chain before the mileage is exceeded. However, if your chain needs cleaning, use a dry cloth or a soft brush and carefully remove the dirt off the chain. When taking the chain off for maintenance or cleaning, remember to reinstall it in the same direction as before. In the case of a mild shower, where the chain has not been exposed to water more than a few minutes, the chain performance properties should not be affected.


  • UFO optimisation treatment applied to a Shimano 11-speed chain: Multi-step process to achieve the highest efficiency
  • UFO treatment designed to offer the full benefits for around 600km/370 miles
  • Delivers unrivalled performance: Proven to help you ride faster or save between 2-5 watts
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  • Please note: UFO treatment is not designed for use in wet or muddy conditions

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