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Coros PACE 2 Premium Nylon Strap GPS Sports Watch

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PACE 2 Premium Nylon Strap GPS Sports Watch

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COROS PACE 2 Premium Nylon Strap GPS Sports Watch

A competitively priced watch that works for a wide range of sports, the COROS PACE 2 Premium Nylon Strap GPS Sports Watch is loaded with features to help you perform to your best.

In this Nylon strap configuration, the PACE 2 is one of the lightest GPS watches on the market, at a claimed weight of 29 grams. With a 50-metre water resistance rating, the PACE 2 works just as well in the water as it does on land, and the low weight won't impede your swim stroke. The new strap also gives a tighter fit than can be achieved with a conventional silicone band this enhances heart rate data accuracy, especially when the skin is slippery from sweat or water.

Completely redesigned internals mean the PACE 2 has a 1.5 times more powerful processor, five times more RAM and four times more storage than the original PACE. These improvements translate to quicker loading times for your workouts, faster processing post-exercise and more space for future firmware updates from COROS. To further speed up the user experience, COROS has stripped back the number of buttons they use and added a scrollable, digital dial that can rapidly move through pages to select the activity or option you need.

Ever improving battery and software technology means the PACE 2 offers you more battery life than ever before. When using GPS features, you get a full 30 hours of life, 20% more than the previous model, and the UltraMax battery setting can half your consumption while still allowing GPS use. In regular mode, the PACE 2 offers 20 days of use which includes constant heart rate and sleep tracking, smart notifications, step tracking and use of the backlight. The watch can also show you graphical visualisations of your battery consumption over selected periods so you can see what actions are depleting the battery more than others and when you need to charge.

COROS has also added a night mode to backlight the watch face for the entirety of your workout; it's bright enough that you can see key data at a glance but dim enough to preserve battery life so you can keep going all night. When your activity is over, night mode will turn off automatically, or if your run goes from nighttime to daytime, it will turn off one hour after sunrise.

The PACE 2 aims to go further than the standard run, ride and swim options offered by many of its competitors; instead, it packs in a wide range of alternative activities like the new Strength, Track Run or Flat Water mode. Strength mode has over 200 pre-programmed exercises to target all your muscle groups, and the accompanying app gives you a heatmap of the human body so you can see exactly what muscles your workout was targeting. PACE 2 also uses a unique heart rate algorithm for each different activity mode. This means your training stress score factors in the peaks and valleys you can get while strength training or the sustained heart rate you get during long runs, so you know exactly how hard your workout was and how much recovery is needed.

Supported Workouts

  • Run
  • Indoor Run
  • Track Run
  • Bike
  • Indoor Bike
  • Pool Swim
  • Open Water
  • Triathlon
  • Gym Cardio
  • GPS Cardio
  • Strength Training


  • Display size: 1.2"
  • Screen resolution: 240 x 240 pixels (64 colours)
  • Display type: Always-On Memory LCD
  • Screen material: Corning glass
  • Bezel material: Fibre-reinforced polymer
  • Cover material: Fibre-reinforced polymer
  • Strap material: Nylon
  • Quick-release band: 20mm
  • Physical size: 42 × 42 × 11.7mm
  • Manufacturer claimed weight: 29-30 grams
  • Phone connection: Bluetooth
  • Accessory connection: ANT+/Bluetooth
  • Navigation: GPS/QZSS, GLONASS, BeiDou
  • Sensors: Optical Heart Rate Monitor / Barometric Altimeter / Accelerometer / Compass / Gyroscope / Thermometer
  • Water resistance: 5ATM (50 metres/164 feet)
  • Working temperature: -20°C to 60°C
  • Storage temperature: -20°C to 65°C
  • Charging time: Less than two hours
  • Battery life: 20 days of regular use, 30 hours in Full GPS mode, 60 hours in UltraMax mode

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