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Coros Vertix 2 Adventure GPS Sports Watch


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Coros Vertix 2 Adventure GPS Sports Watch

The VERTIX 2 GPS Adventure Watch is the ultimate companion for adventurers who thrive on pushing their limits in any terrain. Featuring a 1.4-inch screen with 16% higher resolution, the VERTIX 2 allows users to view more information at a glance and stay updated with key metrics anytime, anywhere. With the ability to display up to eight data fields on a single page, users can easily access the information they need during their activities.

One of the standout features of the VERTIX 2 is its exceptional battery life. Building on COROS' renowned battery efficiency, the VERTIX 2 offers an impressive 140 hours of standard full GPS tracking and 60 days of normal use, making it one of the longest-lasting GPS watches on the market. No matter how long or challenging your adventure is, the VERTIX 2 is ready to keep up.

The VERTIX 2 also comes with global offline mapping, including Landscape, Topo, and Hybrid modes. With a full global Landscape map preloaded and the option to download Topo maps by regions for free from, the VERTIX 2 provides top-notch on-wrist navigation. Users can easily zoom in and out of the map with the digital dial or drag around the map with the highly-responsive touch screen.

An exciting feature of the VERTIX 2 is its ability to measure Heart Rate Variability (HRV) directly from the wrist. HRV is a valuable metric for assessing the body's response to stress and recovery ability, making it essential for fitness enthusiasts. The COROS system converts individualized HRV into a comparable metric, allowing for easy comparison among athletes.

With a generous 32 GB of onboard storage, the VERTIX 2 can hold a wealth of data, including workouts, routes, and even music. Users can download and control audio files directly from their watch, and additional Wi-Fi capabilities offer even more possibilities for accessory pairing and connectivity.

For those who prefer not to wear their watch on their wrist, the COROS Watch Carabiner is a handy accessory to consider. Perfect for climbers and other adventurers, the Watch Carabiner securely attaches the watch to harnesses or gear. Additionally, if you have an Insta360™ action camera, you can control it from your VERTIX 2 GPS Watch, allowing you to capture epic shots from a distance.

In summary, the VERTIX 2 GPS Adventure Watch offers an exceptional range of features that make it an ideal tool for adventurers who demand top-tier navigation, extended battery life, and ample data storage. With its unparalleled functionality and durable design, the VERTIX 2 is the perfect companion for any adventure seeker.


  • All-satellite dual-frequency GNSS support
  • 60 days of regular use/140 hours of full GPS
  • 1.4"" sapphire touchscreen and titanium bezel
  • Wide range of activity modes and third-party integrations
  • Free global offline maps for on-wrist navigation
  • Full training plan and workout support

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