ENVE G Series Dropper Seatpost



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G Series Dropper Seatpost

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ENVE G Series Dropper Seatpost

ENVE’s G Series Dropper Seatpost brings the ability to quickly lower or raise a saddle to gravel-style bikes. 

Its innovative inverted design better resists the ingress of water or mud and crucially allows the fitting of a saddle pack so that it can be used when bikepacking. The 40mm drop is plenty to greatly increase confidence and control on tricky descents whilst keeping the weight nice and low. For further weight reduction, any excess post length can be trimmed off thanks to the upside-down construction. Designed with a diameter of 27.2mm, there are shims included for 30.9mm and 31.6mm to cover the vast majority of gravel frame sizes. 

It is cable operated and is compatible with internally routed frames whilst servicing can be done in the field without recourse to tools.


  • Length 350mm, diameter 27.2mm
  • Offers 40mm of drop
  • Up to 130mm of trim for weight savings
  • Inverted to shed debris and allow space for saddlebag
  • Low stack height
  • Cable actuated
  • Bolt clamp design
  • Includes shims for 30.9mm and 31.6mm posts
  • Compatible with internally routed frames only
  • Compatible with most dropper post remote levers
  • Maximum stack height 210mm, minimum 145mm
  • Manufacturer’s claimed weight: 395 grams, or 345 grams with maximum trim

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