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ENVE M525 27.5 MTB Rim

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Purpose built for the demands of cross-country racing, the ENVE M525 27.5" MTB Rim is constructed entirely from carbon fibre and features an updated external width of 33.5mm.

This lightweight design aids climbing efficiency, while still remaining tough enough for everyday use, ideal for those looking to race and train aboard the same wheelset. In its 27.5" size, this rim makes a fantastic choice for riders looking to corner faster with enhanced confidence and stability, perfect for tackling twisty, technical courses at speed.

ENVE M525 27.5" MTB Rim

Designed for bikes with up to 120mm travel, the ENVE M525 27.5" MTB Rim is a popular choice amongst cross country riders and marathon racers thanks to its supreme strength to weight ratio. Constructed entirely from carbon fibre, the M525 weighs in at a mere 349 grams, perfect for tackling gruelling alpine ascents with ease, while remaining tough enough to descend confidently back down, no matter the gradient or terrain ahead.

Utilising an updated 33.5mm external width, the M525 provides a solid platform for modern cross-country tyres, enhancing grip and control in varied conditions. Additionally, ENVE's patent pending wide hookless bead greatly reduces the risk of pinch flats and impact damage, allowing you to race with greater confidence than ever before.

In its 27.5" guise, this rim offers phenomenal performance through tight, twisty sections, outperforming its larger counterpart on technical courses.

Please note: Spokes pictured not included.


  • Made from carbon fibre
  • 27.5" size rim
  • Clincher
  • XC application
  • Designed for bikes with 100-120mm travel
  • Rim depth of 25mm
  • Internal rim width of 25mm
  • External rim width of 33.5mm
  • Effective rim diameter of 569mm
  • 24 holes
  • Weight: 349 grams
  • FIVE-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty and Lifetime Loyalty Guarantee

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