Elite Fly Tex Bottle 750ml

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Fly Tex Bottle 750ml

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Elite Fly Tex Bottle 750ml

The Fly stands as Elite's top-tier racing bidon, benefiting from the most recent design enhancements derived from team feedback and Elite's rigorous internal testing. The novel Tex finish, exclusively developed by Elite, is aimed at facilitating easy removal of the bottle from the cage even in gritty conditions. This finish also enhances grip, ensuring a secure hold during use.

Pioneering the use of innovative materials in bidon construction and pushing the boundaries of mould technology, Elite proudly presents the Fly. This extraordinary bidon boasts an unprecedented lightness, weighing merely half of its predecessor, the renowned Corsa design that had dominated before.


  • Wall thickness has been pared down to the absolute minimum whilst maintaining integrity, reducing the amount of plastic used in each bottle
  • Stripped down, 2-piece cap is light and super-fast to remove with the opening designed to easily take powder scoops
  • Simplified, 1-piece valve can be removed for cleaning but retention is now much stiffer to avoid unwanted removal
  • This is a dedicated racing bidon, for daily use please see our heavier duty models such as the Jet or Mia
  • Available in a wide range of colours and in 550, 750 and 950 ml versions
  • Made in Europe to strict environmental standards
  • 100% BPA Free

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