Favero Assioma PRO MX-1 Single-Sided Power Meter Pedals



Assioma PRO MX-1 Single-Sided Power Meter Pedals

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Assioma PRO MX-1 Single-Sided Power Meter Pedals

Introducing the Assioma PRO MX-1 Single-Sided Power Meter Pedals, a revolutionary pedal-based power meter specifically designed for MTB and gravel riding with a power sensor on the left pedal.

The Assioma PRO MX-1 is 100% SPD® compatible, allowing for seamless integration with your cycling setup using the provided cleats or original Shimano® SM-SH51 cleats. Built upon the reliability and extreme precision of Favero road power pedals, the PRO MX-1 adds unparalleled resistance to shocks during off-road challenges.

Installation and swapping between bikes is effortless, requiring just a few minutes and no special tools or professional assistance. With both Bluetooth and ANT+ communication channels, the PRO MX-1 is compatible with a wide range of bike computers, smartwatches, and training apps, including Zwift, Strava and TrainerRoad.

Inside the compact and durable spindle, all electronic components and the integrated rechargeable battery are securely housed, eliminating the risk of battery-related dropouts and ensuring reliability in adverse weather conditions. With no battery compartments or power ports that can be opened or closed, water, mud, and dust are kept at bay, guaranteeing extreme reliability. The aluminium 6061-T6 pedal body is robust and lightweight, capable of handling all types of terrain, while the clipless system features a surface hardness of up to 800 HV, providing unprecedented resistance to shocks.

The PRO MX-1 offers comprehensive data readings via ANT+ and Bluetooth, including power, cadence, platform centre offset, power phase, torque efficiency, pedal smoothness, and rider position. Using integrated rechargeable batteries, a single charge guarantees at least 60 hours of use, with hassle-free charging via a magnetic system that eliminates the risk of accidental cable tugging.

Manufactured in Italy by Favero Electronics, each Assioma PRO MX-1 power meter undergoes rigorous testing to ensure quality and reliability, meeting all current regulatory standards.

Package contents

  • Left pedal with power sensor
  • MTB-compatible SPD® cleats
  • 4 Washers
  • 1 Magnetic charging connector
  • 1 Micro USB 2-way charging cable
  • 1 Greasing tools kit
  • 1 Guarantee and safety manual
  • 1 Welcome flyer


  • Weight per power pedal: 191.4g
  • Stack height: 11.2mm
  • Battery type: rechargeable, lithium-ion
  • Battery life: at least 60 hours
  • ANT+, Bluetooth
  • Accuracy power measurement: ± 1%
  • Thermal compensation: -10°C / +55°C
  • Waterproofness rating: IP67
  • Cadence sensor: inbuilt
  • Gyroscope: inbuilt
  • Power calculation system: IAV (Instantaneous Angular Velocity-based)
  • Warranty: 2 yrs

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