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Feedback Sports
Pro Mechanic HD Workstand
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Feedback Sports Pro Mechanic HD Workstand

The Feeddback Sports Pro Mechanic HD Workstand was awarded ‘Gear of the Year' by for 2022, and fills a niche between portable, lightweight field stands and heavier-duty workshop stands ideal for servicing heavy enduro and E-Bikes.

It is distinguished by its substantial anodised aluminium tubes (145% stiffer than those of the Pro Elite model) sturdy extra-wide base, vice-like jaws with a 45% greater grip, and a clamp opening up to 6.6cm. It boasts fast closure (60% faster than that of the Pro Elite), and easy one-handed operation, courtesy of a ratcheting and rotating crank.

The clamp rotates 360° for easy access to all parts of your bike, and this workstand is quick to set up and collapse thanks to its quick-release fittings. It folds down to a compact 13 x 20 x 115cm and weighs in at 8.1kg. It is therefore suitable for competition support use, in just about any cycling arena.


  • Winner of's ‘Gear of the Year’ 2022
  • Oversized, anodised 6061 T6 aluminium construction boosts strength
  • 145% stiffer than the highly regarded Pro Elite Stand
  • With a working load range of 4.5-32kg and a maximum capacity of 45.5kg
  • 360° rotating clamp allows easy access to bike, while strong jaws hold it firm
  • 45% greater grip than the Pro Elite, with rear tri knob to fix bike position
  • Closure is 60% faster due to ratcheting, rotating crank
  • Clamp opening of 6.6cm accommodates a range of bikes
  • Rubber pads on clamp safeguard components and paintwork
  • Wide tripod base and rubber-coated end caps promote indoor and outdoor stability
  • Quick-release fitting for fast setup and breakdown
  • Highly mobile, with 13 x 20 x 115cm footprint and a weight of just 8.1kg
  • 3-year Warranty

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