Fizik Tempo Argo R5 Saddle

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Tempo Argo R5 Saddle

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Fizik Tempo Argo R5 Saddle

The Fizik Tempo Argo R5 Saddle amalgamates its advanced design with sophisticated materials to lend performance to the road rider who loves to challenge themselves on the longest rides.

The short, stubby length combines with the generously wide central relief channel to allow the rider to rotate their pelvis further forward without increasing pressure on the perineum for a more powerful pedal stroke and lowered fatigue in the back muscles. The Type-2 foam uses a slightly softer density to improve comfort on the most enduring rides and places extra thickness under the sit bones for extra skeletal cushioning and support.

The base is realised in carbon-reinforced nylon that is lightweight, compliant to be more forgiving over rougher road surfaces and doesn’t deform over time with extended use. Wingflex sides are added to the base to eliminate chafing and irritation of the inner thighs. 


  • A versatile short-nosed saddle ideal for endurance rides on the road
  • The shape and profile gives greater stability and better weight distribution
  • Short length and ergonomic cut out allows the pelvis to be rotated into a powerful position without putting pressure on the perineum
  • Carbon-reinforced nylon shell is light, compliant and resists deformation through extended use
  • Wingflex sides move with the rider's legs during the pedalling motion
  • S-Alloy rails are light and strong
  • Slightly softer Type-2 foam padding gives long-distance comfort and is slightly thicker around the ischial sit bones
  • Length: 260mm
  • Width: 150mm or 160mm
  • Height at 75mm width: 45mm
  • Length from nose to 75mm width: 103mm
  • Rail dimensions: 7mm x 7mm
  • Manufacturers claimed weight: 241 grams (150mm width) / 247 grams (160mm width)

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