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GoPro Shorty Mini Extension Pole + Tripod

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The GoPro Shorty (Mini Extension Pole + Tripod) is pocket-sized and compatible with all Go-Pro Action Cameras.

Your perfect partner to get the best positions and steady shots in those hard to reach places.

GoPro Shorty Mini Extension Pole + Tripod

The GoPro Shorty Mini Extension Pole + Tripod measures just 11.7 cm long so can be easily carried in your pocket ready to help you get the best group shots and selfies and allowing you to access those hard to reach angles.

Compatible with all GoPro Action Cameras, the tripod can be extended up to 22.7 cm and can be propped onto any level surface. This tripod is a great compact option for ensuring the steadiest images on-the-go, whatever your activity.


  • Mini extension pole
  • Tripod


  • The pocket-sized Shorty (4.6 inches / 11.7 cm) is the perfect partner for on-the-go activities, travel and more
  • Extend Shorty up to 8.9 inches (22.7 cm) for group shots, selfies and other hard-to-reach angles
  • Prop Shorty up on any level surface with its built-in tripod
  • Compatible with all Go-Pro action cameras
  • What's included: Mini extension pole / tripod
  • Camera pictured is not included

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