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Gtechniq Bike Ceramic Kit



Bike Ceramic Kit

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Gtechniq Bike Ceramic Kit

The Gtechniq Ceramic Kit is a revelation: taking technology from the automotive industry, Bike Ceramic forms a durable, ultra-slick chemically bonding layer of optically clear ceramic over your frame. This prevents dirt and grime from bonding to the surface, causing them to pearl off for easier-than-ever cleaning. It has been formulated to minimise adhesion of foreign objects such as brake dust, road grime and mud, and offers up to 24 months of protection. It can be applied to all types of finishes including paint protection films and vinyl.

The coating has been scientifically formulated to chemically bond to the surface of your frame. This chemical bond makes the Bike Ceramic the active surface of your frame, shielding it from dirt, mud and road grime.

The dense layer it forms over your frame is resistant from pH2 -pH12, meaning that mud, grime and dirt are far easier to remove, for quick and easy ongoing maintenance.

In The Box:

  • 2 Microfibre Towels
  • 1 UltraSoft Foam Filled Applicator pad
  • 1 pair of latex free gloves
  • 1 bottle of Bike Frame Prep
  • 1 tincture of Bike Ceramic coating

Instructions for use:

Shake bottle well before use. Ensure that all surfaces have been thoroughly washed and dried.

Apply Frame Prep to a MF1 ZeroR Microfibre Buff Cloth and wipe down the frame and components that are being coated, ensuring no residue is left behind.

Apply Bike Ceramic to the applicator pad included in the kit and coat the frame. Leave the coating for 1-2 minutes before removing it with the MF1. Remove all residue with a microfibre and leave to cure for 24 hours in a cool, dry place. Do not wash for 7 days after application.

If opened, use within 3 months, if unopened, use within 12 months


  • Extreme dirt repellency
  • Long-lasting chemically bonding coating
  • Repels dirt long term, providing up to 24 months protection
  • Made by the world leader in molecular nanotechnology
  • Safe for use on all surfaces and paint finishes

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