Jagwire Pro Shift Cable Kit

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Pro Shift Cable Kit

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The Jagwire Pro Shift Kit is perfect for a quick and simple full install of shift cable and housing on either a road or mountain bike system.

Available in a number of colours to suit your frame, this kit will reduce friction for enhanced performance.

Jagwire Pro Shift Kit

You can have enhanced performance with no compromise on style, with the Jagwire Pro Shift Kit. A combination of the pro-level polished cables and Slick-Lube liners enhances shifting precision and performance that lasts for longer. The polishing process creates a smoother surface for reduced friction compared to PTFE-coated cables. The lack of coating makes these cables extremely durable and they can be used with all performance housing and lubricants. Steel strands are braided around a Slick-Lube liner to create a compressionless ring. The result is weight savings (up to 50% compared to linear strand shift housing) and accurate cable movement required for modern drivetrains.

This kit contains everything you require to install either a road or mountain bike SRAM/Shimano setup and these kit make for easy and quick installation.


  • 3200mm LEX-SL Shift Housing
  • 2300mm Pro Slick Polished Stainless Shift Inner Cable x 2
  • Sealed Alloy End Caps x 3
  • Lined Alloy End Caps x 6
  • Hooded Alloy End Caps x 2
  • Cable Tips x 2
  • 5G Tube Tops x 2
  • Cable Donuts x 6
  • Rotating Hooks x 2


  • Pro-level polished cables combined with Slick-Lube liners offer enhanced shifting precision and long-lasting performance
  • All parts for a complete shift cable/housing install on either road or mountain bikes are included
  • Kits provide longer housing and cables for large frames or full-housing
  • Housing Construction: LEX with Slick-Lube Liner
  • Outside Diameter: 4.0mm
  • Housing Length: 3200mm
  • Cable Construction: STS-PS
  • Front Cable Length: 2300mm
  • Rear Cable Length: 2300mm
  • Compatibility: SRAM / Shimano road and mountain

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