LOOK X-Track MTB Pedals

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X-Track MTB Pedals
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A top quality option suited to mountain bikers, cyclocross riders and road cyclists preferring a more practical option, the Look X-Track MTB Pedals are dependable and durable.

Offering reliable performance, the spindle has a weather resistant seal to withstand the harshest conditions and increase longevity. Designed with an optimum weight to contact surface area ratio, all your watts will be translated into speed. There's plenty of adjustability to these pedals and they are provided with cleats featuring six degrees of float. Designed to shed debris fast, you'll be able to clip in and stay clipped in regardless of how muddy the trails.

Look X-Track MTB Pedals

Look's X-Track MTB Pedals ensure power is transferred efficiently so you can perform at your best, whether tackling the singletrack, racing cyclocross or out on the roads. Reliable and built to last, the chromoly+ spindle has a double weather-proof seal to keep out the elements for consistency and reliability in all conditions.

With pedals being a key area of power transfer, Look have designed the X-Track's with this factor as a primary consideration, resulting in the perfect balance between weight and surface contact area. Lateral contact support enables you to achieve a point of contact with your pedal, even before you're fully clipped in. The wide area means your foot won't slide on the pedal body, and once clipped in you'll have full security and support.

The mechanism has been designed to clear mud and other debris fast, to ensure constant stability, no matter the conditions. Tension can be adjusted to suit, from 6 to 14 Nm, so you can fine tune accordingly. The pedals come with X-Track MTB Cleats; offering unidirectional release and six degrees of float.


  • Use: XC competition and leisure
  • Tension: 6 to 14 Nm
  • Body: Aluminium
  • Spindle: Chromoly +
  • Float: 6 degrees
  • Platform material: Chromoly
  • Platform area: 350 mm²
  • Platform width: 57 mm
  • Stack height with cleats: 16.8 mm (10.7 + 6.1 mm)
  • Pedal weight (each): 195 grams
  • Pedal and cleat weight (pair): 494 grams
  • Includes: X-Track MTB Pedals / X-Track MTB Cleats

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