Lazer Verde KinetiCore Helmet


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Verde KinetiCore Helmet

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Lazer Verde KinetiCore Helmet

Introducing the Lazer Verde KinetiCore Helmet: the epitome of eco-conscious innovation and rider safety. Crafted in Europe with over 70% recycled materials*, this flagship model redefines sustainability in cycling gear. Featuring the revolutionary Lazer EcoLoc system for easy disassembly and recycling, alongside the precision fit of the TurnSys adjustment system, it guarantees comfort and performance for every rider. Certified for high-speed protection and equipped with rain-protected ventilation, it's ready for any adventure. Plus, with LED light compatibility and a Virginia Tech safety rating of 4/5 stars**, it's a game-changer in both style and sustainability. Recognized with top honors including the iF Design Award 2024 and the ISPO Award 2024, the Verde KinetiCore sets the standard for the future of cycling helmets. (*Minimum 70% of the total weight of the helmet contains recycled material. **Certified by Virginia Tech.)



  • Lazer EcoLoc: Glueless design for easy disassembly and recycling
  • Recycled & Recyclable: Over 70% recycled materials, fully recyclable
  • Easy Adjustment: TurnSys system for on-the-go fit customization
  • Guaranteed Fit: Accommodates diverse head shapes and sizes
  • High-Speed Safety: NTA 8776 certified for speed pedelecs and e-bikes
  • Weather-Proof Ventilation: Rain-resistant vents for all-weather comfort
  • Effortless Straps: Lightweight, recycled stitched straps
  • LED Light Compatibility: Compatible with Universal Lazer LED for added visibility
  • Lightweight Design: Weighs just 450g (size M-L)
  • Varied Sizes: Available in S-M (50 - 56cm) and M-L (55 - 61cm)
  • Virginia Tech Approval: Awarded 4/5 stars for safety and performance
Please note: Unless otherwise stated, all bicycle helmets sold on are certified with a European CE EN1078 standard. Specific countries may have their own certification, which is legally required. Please check your specific country requirements.

Lazer Verde KinetiCore Helmet Sizing

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