Lezyne Classic Shallow Brass Bell

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Classic Shallow Brass Bell

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A bell is a simple and timeless addition to any bike.

Made solid from polished brass and aluminium for durability, the Lezyne Classic Shallow Brass Bell gives you an easily mounted option that weighs just 27 grams, all the while adding a fair degree of style and sound to your ride.

Lezyne Classic Shallow Brass Bell

For riding around town and taking up your place in the cycle lane, the Lezyne Classic Shallow Brass Bell is a fantastic choice. Letting out a reassuringly loud ding to alert other path users as to your presence and intentions, you can ride with a greater security in the city.

Weighing just 27 grams and attaching with ease to your handlebars, this bell is a simple little addition that adds some character and style to your bike. Attaching via an O-ring to your bike and assuring you of compatibility with any system you might use, this bell lets out a loud and mellifluous note declaring your presence to pedestrians as you ride.


  • Low-profile design made from high-polished brass mounted to a machined aluminium base
  • Brass striker alerts others with a sharp, definitively loud ring
  • Simple O-ring attachment system
  • Weight: 27g

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