Muc-Off Bio Grease 150g

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Bio Grease 150g

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Introducing the Muc-Off Bio Grease 150g, your go-to for bicycle-specific preventer of corrosion and water penetration.

The Bio Grease is designed for easy application and optimised performance and as an added bonus it is biodegradable too.

Muc-Off Bio Grease 150g

Designed to maximise performance by preventing corrosion and water damage, the Muc-Off Bio Grease 150g has a lab-tested and perfected the formula that is specifically blended for the unique low-speed applications found on bicycle parts where the reduction of friction is of the utmost importance.

The Bio Grease is designed to increase the performance capabilities of your bike and its components, ensuring they last for many seasons to come. The grease formula is based on renewable resources and has a combination of extreme pressure lubricity additives and natural slip ensuring it delivers elite levels of durability and performance.

Fully biodegradable and free of petroleum jelly, the Bio Grease is environmentally friendly. Its resistance to water run-off also helps prevent corrosion, reduce friction and improve the performance of the moving parts of your ride.


  • Biodegradable ultra slippery formula
  • Resistant to water "wash off"
  • Reduce friction and improve performance of moving parts

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