ORTLIEB Seatpack - 13L

Seatpack - 13L

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ORTLIEB Seatpack - 13L

Heading onto mountain trails with a mountain bike, racing up alpine passes on a road bike, or exploring unpaved paths on a gravel bike, whatever adventure you choose, the waterproof ORTLIEB Seatpack - 13L is there to accompany you and keep your belongings safe. The innovative Seat-Lock fastening system allows for quick attachment, regardless of the bike you're using. The fastening system can be removed completely without leaving any residue, and with the help of a special adapter only 4.3 centimetres wide, this bag can even be used with a dropper post.

The bag's reinforcement, four compression straps, and compression valve ensure that your gear stays in place, and the bag remains stable without any swinging movement. Even on bumpy and demanding trails, riding is easy without distractions. A protective plate on the underside of the saddlebag prevents damage in case of tire contact, and the quick attachment and removal of the bag are real assets. The bag can be taken off the bike in mere seconds using the levers on the fastening system and carried into your lodging for the evening with its contents completely dry and dust-free. The roll-top closure ensures your belongings stay dry, even in the foulest weather.

If the 13-litre storage space isn't enough, the elastic cord on the outside allows for easily accessible stowing of additional items such as a vest or jacket. However, the recommended maximum load of the Seat-Pack QR is four kilograms (2.2 pounds) and should not be exceeded. The PVC-free saddle bag is sustainably produced in Germany.


  • Height: 28cm
  • Width: 48cm
  • Depth: 22cm
  • Volume: 13L
  • Weight: 675g
  • Material: PU-coated Nylon fabric

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