Oakley DRT5 Maven ICE Mips MTB Helmet

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Oakley DRT5 Maven Mips MTB Helmet

Oakley DRT5 Maven Mips MTB Helmet offers protection, a fully adjustable fit, and is well ventilated with a low-profile shape. It's designed to integrate seamlessly with sunglasses and goggles, featuring vents that double up as a place to stash eyewear, a 4-point adjustable visor, as well as Eyewear Landing Zones to the rear that secure glasses in place. 

Safety is a priority, and a Mips® low-friction layer reduces rotational motion to the brain, consequently lowering the risk of brain injury. The design includes 19 vents, dramatically increasing airflow to keep the rider cool, while an Ionic+™ Antimicrobial liner keeps bad odours at bay. In addition, a silicone gel Sweat Guard collects and diverts moisture from the forehead so eyewear doesn't get steamed up or streaky. An extra feature on the ICE model is a twICEme® Medical ID NFC chip. This allows you to store medical information and emergency contacts so first responders have exactly what they need to help you in the event of an incident. 

Boa's 360° fit system ensures a secure fit and offers plenty of adjustability via a rear dial, for an almost customised feel. 


  • Oakley DRT5 Maven Mips Helmet
  • Helmet Travel Bag
  • Eyewear Landing Zone Plugs
  • Oakley Decal


  • Mips® helmet-integrated, low-friction layer designed to decrease rotational motion to the brain, helping to reduce the harmful forces that might otherwise impact the wearer’s head
  • 19 vents, including newly designed front and top ventilation ports to significantly increase airflow and breathability
  • Boa 360° fit system includes an adjustable dial that delivers a customised, secure fit
  • Ionic+™ Antimicrobial liner is sweat-activated, keeping things fresh, and odour under control
  • Silicone gel Sweat Guard helps collect and divert sweat from the forehead to keep your eyewear streak-free
  • Textile padding adds more touch-points to enhance overall comfort
  • Front vents to stash eyewear. Unobtainium® grippers hold eyewear stems in place while a second landing zone for eyewear is located on the back of the helmet
  • Four-point adjustable visor designed to keep sun and debris from hitting your face while giving your eyewear and goggles a secure stow location
  • DRT5 Maven weighs 60 grams less than the previous DRT5, making this helmet lighter than ever
  • twICEme® Medical ID NFC chip is located on the back side of the helmet. Store your vital medical info and emergency contacts within the helmet so first responders can instantly get the information they need when time matters most
  • CPSC 1203, EN1078 and ANZ2063 certifications
  • Branding badge with an Iridium® coating, mirroring the Prizm™ lens colours seen in Oakley eyewear. Each badge colour is unique to the colour of the helmet

Oakley DRT5 Maven ICE Mips MTB Helmet Sizing

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