Orca Apex Flex Wetsuit

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Apex Flex Wetsuit

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Orca Apex Flex Wetsuit

With its unique 1/2/3/4mm thickness combination and cutting edge Yamamoto neoprene construction, the Orca Apex Flex Wetsuit delivers unsurpassed speed for swimmers at the top of their game. With hydrodynamics in mind, this suit reigns supreme when it comes to momentum in the water. 

A short, inverted zip improves mobility through the back and shoulders, allowing for an unimpeded stroke that mimics the feel of wearing no wetsuit at all. Hydrolite panels ensure hassle-free removal, even when tired, while a Core Lateral Stabiliser prevents unwanted twisting to dial in your form. 


  • Designed for technical swimmers, this suit is the most flexible suit available from Orca
  • Top-end Yamamoto neoprene construction is flexible for a full range of mobility
  • The neoprene is highly flexible, requiring 35-45% less force by the swimmer to maintain their stroke
  • Hydrolite panels improve on/off speeds
  • Inverted zip improves flexibility through the back and shoulders
  • Core Lateral Stabiliser technology limits twisting to encourage correct technique
  • An Ultimate Seal collar is laser cut and inverses the Velcro fastening to prevent skin abrasion
  • 1/2/3/4mm construction

Orca Apex Flex Wetsuit Sizing

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