POC Crave Sunglasses

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POC Crave Sunglasses 

POC Crave Sunglasses have a lens that's designed to optimise colours and contrast in a road environment. Consequently, you'll get the best possible view of the way ahead and be able to pick out details such as irregularities and potholes with ease. Another benefit is the Ripel treatment that'll prevent the build-up of fog, stop grease from smearing and create beads when water hits the lens, which will then roll off fast.

The architecture of the frame and lens ensures excellent ventilation and the grilamid frame is light, flexible and durable, using hydrophilic rubber on the nosepiece and temples, while snap-in hinges mean that if your glasses get knocked or dropped they're less likely to break.

Lens: Violet Silver Mirror 
Light transmission: 23-26%
Light conditions: Bright/Sunny
Lens category: 3

Lens: Brown Silver Mirror 
Light transmission: 17-24%
Light conditions: Sunny/Cloudy
Lens category: 2


  • Lightweight grilamid frame provides flexibility and durability
  • Hydrophilic rubber grips on the nose and temple to ensure a secure fit, even when wet
  • Clarity lens filters specific peaks in the colour spectrum to enhance precision vision
  • The lens intensifies colour and contrast and is tuned specifically to the road environment, making it easier to determine surface characteristics
  • Open frame construction provides ventilation that helps to evacuate steam
  • Ripel treated lens to help keep fog, dirt and grime off and to make water bead
  • A seamless fit between the sunglasses and POC helmets enhances protection, comfort and functionality
  • Interchangeable lens technology
  • Snap-in hinge adds durability
  • Lens: PC lens by Carl Zeiss Vision
  • Activity specific tint: Road
  • Lens treatment: Ripel

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