POC Procen TT Helmet

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Procen TT Helmet

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POC Procen TT Helmet

POC's Procen TT Helmet offers the ultimate blend of speed, protection and comfort, making it ideal for the intense efforts of time trialling. Extensive CFD and real-word testing on the track has resulted in a helmet that uses Venturi-inspired ventilation; large inlets at the front force air through, while a distinct trailing edge pushes air away from the shoulders, maximising aerodynamics while also creating whole-head cooling. 

Safety is enhanced by an EPS liner and outer PC shell, ensuring the best possible protection in the event of a crash. There are two positions to the visor system, overcoming the issue of fogging. While waiting to start a race, the lens can sit 10mm away from the helmet, allowing air to move more naturally, and can then be moved in or left further out, once riding, with both positions allowing for a full, clear line of sight. This visor can also be removed, and will break free in a crash. An adjustable fit system provides a secure fit while keeping weight down. 


  • EPS liner is optimised to provide crash protection at a low weight
  • Outer PC shell is lightweight and enhances structural integrity
  • CFD and track tested
  • Moulded EVA zone improves comfort behind the neck
  • Venturi-inspired ventilation
  • Lightweight whole-head adjustable fit system
  • Detachable, breakaway visor with new ‘start position’ function, improving airflow and reducing fogging

POC Procen TT Helmet Sizing

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