Pas Normal Studios PAS Short Sleeve Jersey

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Pas Normal Studios
PAS Short Sleeve Jersey

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PAS Short Sleeve Jersey

The PAS Short Sleeve Jersey is a high-performance cycling jersey inspired by the Mechanism Pro Jersey. Engineered for speed, this jersey combines innovative structurally mapped fabrics with optimized construction techniques to deliver exceptional performance on the road.

Every aspect of the PAS Jersey has been meticulously designed to provide a pro-level experience. The unique 4D stretch-woven fabrics, developed exclusively for Pas Normal Studios, offer unparalleled flexibility and breathability, ensuring maximum comfort during intense rides.

Not only does this jersey prioritise performance, but it also pays attention to the finer details. The choice of finish and construction techniques guarantees a sleek and aerodynamic fit, reducing drag and enhancing your speed on the bike.

The PAS Jersey is part of the exclusive PAS capsule collection, designed to elevate your cycling experience to a professional level. Whether you're a seasoned athlete or an enthusiastic amateur, this jersey will help you achieve your best performance yet.


Product Features:

Variable 4D-stretch - The unique zones of stretch in the woven fabric give your muscles support and create a second skin fit.

Speed-optimised features - Cut lines and fabric are chosen to optimise speed in an aggressive position.

Laser cut sleeves - The sleeves are laser cut to create an intangible transition from the fabric to your skin.

Integrated hem gripper - The fabric of the lower part of the jersey has an integrated gripper by utilising a specific thread in the weaving process.

Three rear pockets - The three jersey pockets are positioned for optimal hold when in an aggressive position on the bike.


  • Race fit built on the Mechanism Pro collection
  • Unique stretch-woven fabrics developed for Pas Normal Studios - merged for optimal body wrap
  • Unique structural mapped fabric developed by Pas Normal Studios
  • Speed-optimised construction and assembly
  • Laser-cut sleeves with silicone-free grip
  • Minimal collar to reduce chafing and improve comfort
  • YKK zipper
  • Three rear pockets
  • Integrated hem gripper

Pas Normal Studios PAS Short Sleeve Jersey Sizing

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