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Peaty's Link Lube 120ml

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Link Lube 120ml

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With a formula that cleans while it lubricates, Peaty's Link Lube 120ml is a fantastic noise and friction reducing product that's sure to improve your ride while prolonging the lifecycle of your drivetrain.

Peaty's Link Lube 120ml

Peaty's Link Lube 120ml has a unique formula comprised of two key components. The clear base oil is anti-corrosive and water displacing, while the blue element is what Peaty's call their 'secret sauce', clinging to the mechanics of your chain for a friction reducing and noise-reducing top level of lubrication. Shake the bottle to evenly distribute the formula, then apply the lubricant to the inside of the chain's rollers while cycling it backwards. The formula actually cleans your chain as you use it, so you'll be left with a cleaner and better functioning chain.

Manufacturer's Recommendations:

  1. For wet weather conditions, leave a small amount of lube on the outside of the chain for longer-lasting protection.
  2. On first use with pre-used chains, you may find that your chain turns black - this is the Link Lube driving out grime from deep in your chain. Just keep riding, degreasing, lubing and repeating until your chain runs shiny clean once more! Caution - Do not get Link Lube (or any lube) on your brakes or brake pads.


  • Chain oil for use in all conditions
  • Unique two-part formula penetrates and cleans deep inside the chain
  • Drives out moisture, grit and grime replacing them with a unique blend of oils and waxes

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