Prologo Dimension Tirox Saddle

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Dimension Tirox Saddle

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Ride faster and further with the Prologo Dimension Tirox Saddle.

Utilising a wide and short profile this saddle has been tailored towards aggressive positions, reducing the chance of discomfort and perineal area problems. Completed with a light foam pad and Tirox rails, the overall weight is just 179 grams, while the PAS channel relieves pressure build up on longer rides.

Prologo Dimension Tirox Saddle

The Prologo Dimension Tirox Saddle has been designed to offer optimum levels of performance and comfort out on the road, whilst ensuring the weight is kept to a minimum. Featuring durable and lightweight Tirox rails, the saddle does not flex during high-intensity efforts, while the overall weight is kept to an impressive 179 grams. With its short nose and 143mm width, the Dimension is suited to aggressive positions and those who ride on the drops, greatly reducing the chance of perineal area problems.

Designed for all-day comfort, the saddle features a wide anatomical 'PAS' channel down its centre, effectively reducing the compression of soft tissues and in turn eliminating numbness.


  • Size: 245 x 143mm
  • Rails: Tirox 7mm
  • Cover: Microfibre
  • Padding: Light foam
  • Weight: 179 grams

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