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Puori M3 - Organic Magnesium - 180 Capsules

M3 - Organic Magnesium - 180 Capsules

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Noted for its involvement in aiding the energy-yielding process, Magnesium is an essential mineral, and the Puori M3 Organic Magnesium box of 180 Capsules is a great method of supplementation.

Deficiencies in magnesium can cause tiredness, nausea and fatigue and this great product includes vitamin B6 and zinc to further ensure your body absorbs as much magnesium as possible.

Puori M3 - Organic Magnesium - 180 Capsules

Puori M3 is a high quality organic source of magnesium, available in this bumper pack of 180 Capsules. The minerals in this product are extracted from seawater and subsoil rich in magnesium, they're then purified and mixed with vitamin B6 and malic acid for improved absorption to your body. The benefits of keeping a healthy level of magnesium in your body include reduced fatigue, nausea and tiredness while allowing for healthy muscle contraction.


  • Natural magnesium supplement with the best possible absorption in the body
  • Ensures optimal benefits of magnesium
  • Minerals sourced from seawater and subsoil - extracted, purified and mixed together
  • Uses two types of chelated magnesium forms (magnesium gluconate and taurinate) - higher bioavailability and absorption in the body compared to inorganic forms of magnesium such as magnesium oxide
  • Vitamin B6 and malic acid are added to increase mineral absorption from the gut and into the cells
  • Zinc is added for full synergistic effects of the complex
  • Supplementing M3 on an empty stomach is preferred to get the most out of the supplement
  • Clean Label: All product batches are tested and results can be checked by batch number

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