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Quarq DZero AXS 130BCD DUB Power Meter Crankset Bundle

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Quarq DZero AXS 130BCD DUB Power Meter Crankset Bundle

A crankset power meter must be accurate, reliable and hard-wearing but also completely efficient in transferring the riders effort into forward drive. The Quarq DZero AXS 130BCD DUB Power Meter Crankset Bundle ticks all of these boxes via advanced power measurement, carbon crank arms and DUB axle design.

Possibly the most important feature of a power meter is its preciseness and the DZero’s 1.5% accuracy is industry-leading and allows the rider to perform training sessions efficiently for maximum fitness gains. This accuracy, provided via genuine dual-sided measurement, remains stable even across wide swings in temperature via the 10K Active Temperature Compensation feature and cancels the effects of temperature shifts caused by altitude changes or when riding across different times of the day.

A CR2032 battery powers the unit for up to 200 hours before it needs to be swapped. When this situation does arrive it can be changed easily, tool-free by the user. This battery and all of the sensitive power measurement electronics are housed within the crankset spider and are completely sealed from external elements to a rating of IPX7.

The power readings are transferred to compatible bike computers and smartphones via the ANT+ and Bluetooth protocols before the SRAM AXS app can be easily linked to so that setup, calibration, battery level checks and firmware updates can be performed.

Efficiency and forward drive are catered for via lightweight carbon crank arms and SRAM’s DUB axle, the latter of which enables compatibility with all of SRAM’s latest DUB bottom brackets.

Essential Details

  • Only compatible with SRAM DUB bottom brackets
  • No chainrings are supplied. These must be sourced separately


  • Fully integrated power measurement with a 130BCD
  • Suitable for use with 10 and 11-speed chainrings that have a 5-bolt 130BCD pattern (not included): Designed for the most major brands of 10 and 11-speed chainrings
  • Accuracy – within 1.5%, measuring both legs
  • Dual-sided power measurement directly measures the power from both legs
  • Power Balance feature measures left and right leg power output split
  • MagicZero™ – automatic calibration as you ride. No need to backpedal or manually calibrate through your head unit
  • AxCad – no cadence magnet required
  • Bluetooth low energy technology and ANT+ wireless data transfer
  • 10K Active Temperature Compensation allows power readings to remain stable through weather temperature fluctuations
  • IPX7 waterproof rating: The power measurement instruments are completely sealed from external elements
  • DUB SRAM Axle: A stronger, stiffer and lighter axle configuration
  • SRAM AXS App compatible: check the battery level, calibrate, run diagnostics and perform free firmware updates via this specific app
  • Battery – CR2032, 200-hour battery life, change without tools
  • OmniCal – swap chainrings without affecting accuracy
  • Two-year warranty
  • Compatible spindle: DUB (Only)
  • Crank arm material: Carbon
  • Crank arm lengths available: 165mm, 170mm, 172.5mm, 175mm, 177.5mm

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