ROKA Viper X II Womens Short Sleeve Swimskin

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Viper X II Womens Short Sleeve Swimskin

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ROKA Viper X II Womens Short Sleeve Swimskin

A constantly evolving suit from ROKA, the Viper X II Women's Short Sleeve Swimskin is a premium option to improve your speed in the water, stroke efficiency and transition times. The Viper X II is one of the most popular suits at the Kona Iron Man World Championships and combines years of ROKA's market-leading research into triathlon performance into one honed performance product.

Increased shoulder mobility comes thanks to the Arms Up short sleeve construction which minimises restriction at the upper part of your stroke, increasing efficiency. The armpits of the suit also use a specialised gusset pattern to boost mobility and reduce irritation through your swim thanks to the seam-free design. The suit's legs use internal silicone gippers which are borrowed from ROKA's pro cycling collection, these help to keep leg seams flat, increasing the hydrodynamic potential of the suit and also preventing overly tight leg holes that can result in "sausage leg".

Two types of fabrics are used throughout the construction of the Viper X II, a premium Italian stretch woven textile in the main body of the suit and a kinetic knit textile in the arms and the independent neck suspension panel to offer maximum flexibility where you need it. All the fabrics used have a hydrophobic treatment to reduce drag and limit the amount of water absorption while you swim. The suit is held in place with an auto-lock YKK zip that stays firmly in place while you swim but can be easily drawn down as you move into T1.


  • Our revolutionary Arms Up technology eliminates restriction allowing you to swim faster and more efficiently
  • Specialised gusset pattern through the armpit enhances mobility and greatly reduces irritation throughout your swim
  • Floating neck suspension increases mobility and prevents chafing on the neck
  • Printed silicone leg grippers on the inside of the leg opening for a straight seam cut and no sausage leg
  • Premium YKK breakaway reversed #3 coil zip design provides an easy removal exiting the swim
  • Adjusted shoulder panel seams liberate your arms while providing support where you need it most
  • Italian woven textiles are bonded with a high-tech seam construction and novel hidden stitch reinforcement
  • Patent-pending IXI Taping helps connect the movements of your lower body to your core and arms to increase the efficiency and transfer the power of your stroke
  • Teflon coating repels water to reduce drag and decrease water absorption

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