Reform Seymour Mouldable Saddle


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Seymour Mouldable Saddle

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Reform Seymour Mouldable Saddle

Reform's Seymour Mouldable Saddle gets completely customised to maximise comfort. Patented technology thermo-moulds the saddle's shell to the rider, on their bike. By using an on-bike moulding process, pressure points are removed so weight is distributed equally and you are able to achieve a totally balanced position. Sitting on carbon rails, this is a lightweight performance saddle that doesn't compromise on comfort.

To mould the saddle, the proprietary heating unit is required and upon collecting the saddle from the Sigma Sports store the customisation will be carried out. More information about this process is provided in the video below.

What’s it made of?

Carbon fiber/ nylon weave

In-house made foam cushion

Continuous unidirectional Carbon fiber rails



How tight can I clamp it?

7nm torque

How long does it take?

Forming times between 3.5 – 4.5 min

Can you do it more than once?

It can be re molded multiple times (not that you have to)

We recommend getting a bike fit for best results, but it is not necessary.


  • Patented thermo-moulding technology
  • Removes unwanted pressure points
  • Ensures direct and equal weight distribution
  • Balances asymmetry in body and pedal stroke
  • 7x10mm carbon monocoque rail
  • Width: 142mm
  • Length: 252mm
  • Manufacturer claimed weight: 197 grams
  • Please note: Proprietary heating unit not included

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