Reserve Fillmore 90mm Valve Kit

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Fillmore 90mm Valve Kit
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Reserve Fillmore 90mm Valve Kit

If you're looking to take your tubeless setup to the next level, the Reserve Fillmore 90mm Valve is the answer. As the Design and Innovation Award Winner, this valve represents a significant technological advancement in tubeless technology.

With its patented high-flow design, the Fillmore Valve eliminates the traditional, delicate, and clog-inciting valve core of yesteryear, making tubeless setup and maintenance a breeze. The valve boasts an impressive 3X airflow, providing you with the power to quickly and easily inflate your tires to the desired pressure.

The Micro-Adjust feature allows for precision dialing of tire pressure, and with the self-clearing poppet, sealant build-up is a thing of the past. The Fillmore Valve is also compatible with tire inserts for free-flowing inflation, regardless of your setup.

The Reserve Fillmore Valve 90mm is designed for rim depths of 48 to 68mm, and it's sold as a pair with a lifetime guarantee.

Upgrade your tubeless setup with the Reserve Fillmore Valve 90mm and experience the benefits of its superior technology. You'll ride with greater confidence and ease, knowing that your tubeless setup is optimized for maximum performance.



  • High Flow: 3X air flow makes seating tires a snap
  • No Clog: Eliminates clogging and busts through dry sealant
  • Micro-Adjust: Airs down to the perfectly dialled tire pressure
  • Direct-Inject: Coreless design for no-fuss injection of sealant

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