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Rotor 2INpower 110 BCD Power Crankset

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The Rotor 2INpower BCD110 Power Crank delivers ultra accurate power, torque, speed and pedal smoothness of both the left and right crank data via a Bluetooth or ANT+ signal.

All of the technology is safely housed in the axle; maintaining accuracy, water and weather tightness and inertia. The battery's charge lasts a massive 250 hours, allowing you to train and race smart.

Rotor 2INpower BCD110 Power Crankset

Take your training, racing and riding to the next level with the Rotor 2INpower BCD110 Power Crankset. Building on Rotor's INpower single-side power meter, the 2INpower Power Crankset offers measurement of both the left and right cranks to an accuracy variable of 0.5%.

Where the 2INpower really separates itself from the competition is its use of the axle to house all of the key technology. This keeps all of the technology protected from weather factors whilst also alleviating the threat of distortions in readings that are associated with arm or pedal mounted power options.

The Rotor 2INpower BCD110 Power Crankset offers true independent left-right leg measurement with a vast range of variables being measured 500 times per revolution. One such measurement is torque, which is also split out into torque effectiveness, total torque and pedal smoothness. Analysis of this data can help you to build a more efficient and powerful pedal stroke.

Rotor's Torque 360 computer program, (download included with crank) allows you to analyse your pedal stroke and power output in real time for each crank individually or for the two combined.

The Rotor 2INpower BCD110 Power Crankset can transmit in Bluetooth or ANT+ formats, allowing you to use it with bike computers such as the Garmin Edge 520 and Edge 1000.

Rotor know that losing battery power while you are out on a ride is a terrible fate. Thankfully the axle-based 3.7v li-ion battery has a battery-life of 250 hours from a single charge. Charging the battery is simple. A magnetic USB clip attaches to the battery port under a rubber cap on the drive-side axle port. Charging the battery from empty to charged takes approximately four hours.

Constructed from a sturdy and durable 7055 aluminium, the Rotor 2INpower BCD110 Power Crankset weighs just 645 grams and has a sleek aesthetic with eye-catching red trim.


  • Bottom bracket cups
  • Chainring bolts
  • Charge cable


  • Two arm power measurement
  • Power meter located in the axle to alleviate torsional distortion and weight
  • Measures speed and power 500 times per rotation
  • Measures torque effectiveness, torque and rotational torque
  • Measures pedal smoothness (average power divided by max power)
  • Torque 360 app allows shows complete pedal stroke live
  • Measures power from each crank individually for left-right balance
  • Bluetooth and ANT+ compatible
  • Recharges with USB magnet attached to axle under rubber battery cover
  • Up to 250 hours of battery life per charge
  • Rechargeable internal 3.7V Li-ion battery maintains water tightness
  • Weight: 645 grams (172.5mm)
  • Low axle weight minimises inertia
  • TDS drilling in crank arm ensures strength and durability
  • 2 pairs of strain gauges in drive-side crank arm
  • Supports up to 56t chain rings
  • Includes: Crank arms, charge cable, crank bolts and bottom bracket cups

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