Saris Super Bones 3-Bike Rack

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Super Bones 3-Bike Rack
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Saris Super Bones 3-Bike Rack

When carrying bikes by car, you need to be sure that they're going to arrive safely, in good stead and ready to ride. With the Saris Super Bones 3-Bike Rack offering you the ability to carry up to 3 bikes at 15 kilos each, you truly can be sure of plain sailing and easy driving as you head to your cycling destination of choice.

With an innovative anti-sway strapping preventing any rubbing or abrasion, this rack ensures you of top quality from first to last. Lightweight at just 8.3 kilos, the concave shaping of the rack gives it an integral strength and with easy simple mounting afforded by the simple ratcheting mechanisms, there's no fear at all when saddling up bikes for a stint on the motorway.

Adjustable for compatibility with almost every car, adapting and adjusting intuitively to your specific model. The mainframe made from a rust-free injection moulded plastic, you can be sure of a lasting composition, and enduring construction that won't weaken with time. Heavy-duty straps ensure bikes stay on your car so this is a solid option for your biking adventures.


Saris Car Rack Compatibility


  • Carries 3 bikes (15kg/bike)
  • Anti-sway adjusts in and out to maximize bike protection
  • Bikes are easy to load thanks to pivoting anti-sway straps
  • Integrated locking to secure bike to rack and rack to car
  • Heavy duty straps reinforced with internal steel strands
  • Strap adjustment lever quickly tightens rack to car
  • Internal ratcheting mechanism creates the best in class strap management
  • Adjustable foot for maximum protection of car by intuitively adjusting to vehicle's boot, bumper shape and design
  • Stationary outer leg creates an easy install on vehicle
  • Frame fits over most spoilers
  • Rust-free injection moulded plastic
  • Patents issued and pending
  • Lightweight at 8.3 kilos

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