Shimano GRX 815 Di2 STI Lever & Hydraulic Caliper

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GRX 815 Di2 STI Lever & Hydraulic Caliper
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With the Shimano GRX Di2 STI Lever and Hydraulic Caliper you can experience top tier electronic gear shifting and powerful stopping performance, combined with comfort and handling details that are refined for the world of gravel and adventure riding.

Anti-slip texture and raised hoods stop your hands slipping and ensure your fingers are always in the right place, ready to change gear, and the powerful brakes only require a small force to stop quickly or moderate speed.

Shimano GRX 815 Di2 Lever & Hydraulic Caliper

Experience Shimano's top tier shifting performance, as proven in road cycling, with the GRX Di2 Lever, paired perfectly with this Hydraulic Caliper, from the newly engineered range of components that are gravel-inspired and designed for journeys that explore broken roads beyond your normal routes. Raised hoods and reach adjustments ensure superb comfort and control through the hands and anti-slip texture further improves handling and guarantees that no matter the conditions you can still easily flick through the gears. The high braking efficiency only requires a small amount of force to deliver powerful stopping performance, so whether descending or negotiating trail obstacles you can have trust in the control at your fingertips.

The caliper is excellent at dissipating heat, reducing the risk of performance fade on long descents, and should you need to fix a puncture the setup makes wheel replacement quick and easy. Anti-mud specification helps to maintain stopping performance even in the worst conditions and once you return home the simple bleed system makes it easy to carry out ongoing maintenance.

Please note: The image shows a right-hand lever and front brake caliper.


  • 11-speed compatible
  • Tooled reach adjustment
  • Dual control lever
  • E-Tube platform lets you wirelessly customise functions like SHIMANO SYNCHRONIZED SHIFT over Bluetooth® while out on a ride
  • Raised hood head prevents hand misalignment and slippage
  • Recessed finger notch prevents upward slipping
  • Anti-slip texture and brake lever coating - improved grip and confidence on choppy surfaces and descents
  • Improved braking input performance
  • Higher brake lever axis and curved brake lever
  • Higher braking efficiency reduces fatigue on long rides
  • 23.8-24.2mm diameter clamp band
  • Excellent heat dissipation
  • Convenient tool access
  • Easy clean and bleed system
  • Simple setup and ease of wheel replacement

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