Shimano GRX M8100 SPD Limited Edition Pedal



GRX M8100 SPD Limited Edition Pedal
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Shimano GRX M8100 SPD Limited Edition Pedal

Shimano's new, limited edition GRX SPD M8100-UG pedals are a celebration of gravel cycling. With the GRX pedals, gravel riders will enjoy the same unrivalled performance and reliability as Shimano's popular DEORE XT pedals, but with fun, new United in Gravel graphics.

The GRX dual-sided SPD pedals feature a wide edge-to-edge platform and lower platform height for exceptional stability on rough and rolling terrain. The large platform keeps a rider’s feet planted and well-supported on the pedals, ensuring a more comfortable and confident ride during the longest or most rugged gravel adventures.

For mud-shedding, the GRX pedals are constructed with an offset binding, which helps clear mud so riders can easily clip in and out even after hiking through ankle-deep mud for miles. Cyclocross racers and mountain bike riders have long relied on the SPD pedal’s mud-shedding capabilities.

Shimano’s robust SPD retention system keeps riders' feet connected to the pedals during the hardest efforts, while providing smooth entry and release for confidence and control on gravel roads. Like all Shimano SPD pedals, the limited edition GRX pedals feature spring tension adjustments, allowing riders to fine-tune their connection with the bike.



  • Shimano United in Gravel graphics
  • Dual-sided SPD
  • Lower platform height for pedaling stability
  • Wider edge-to-edge platform
  • Step-in-and-out consistency
  • Offset binding for improved mud-shedding
  • Adjustable spring release tension for personal adjustment
  • Weight: 342 grams

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