Shokbox Classic Bike Case

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Classic Bike Case

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Shokbox Classic Bike Case

The Shokbox Classic Bike Case offers a safe and secure solution for transporting your pride and joy. A unique blend of polyethylene makes it incredibly strong and durable while keeping weight down. It can accommodate a range of bikes, including road, gravel, triathlon and MTB, as well as disc brakes, thru-axles, 29" wheels and oversized tyres. TSA locking latches mean that airport security is able to open the case without causing damage, but it's still extremely secure from potential thieves. 

An integrated anti-crush system and smart impact protection zones prevent the box from caving and damaging the bike when the box is dropped, heavily knocked or placed under other heavy items. A GPS plate allows you to fit a GPS tracker (purchased separately), so no matter where in the world, the location of the box and its content can be monitored. 

The case is easy to pack and requires very little dismantling of the bike (apart from some very large sizes). Multi-directional castor wheels mean that pushing, pulling and manoeuvring the box around stations and airports will be a breeze. 


  • Integrated anti-crush system
  • Multi-directional castor wheels
  • Integrated pull handles
  • Smart impact protection zones
  • Colour-coded GPS plate
  • Intelligent protection system
  • TSA locking latches
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Designed for transporting road, mountain and triathlon bikes (full carbon disc wheel limitation)
  • Shokbox will accommodate disc brakes, through-axles, 29er wheels and oversized tyres
  • The box will accommodate most frame sizes. Some larger frames (over 62cm) may require additional dismantling
  • Dimensions: 120 × 33 × 91cm
  • Manufacturer claimed weight: 12.5 kg

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