Specialized Recon ADV MTB Shoes

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Recon ADV MTB Shoes

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Specialized Recon ADV MTB Shoes


The timeless saying "look good, feel good, ride good" has been associated with cycling for as long as the sport has existed. The latest addition to the cycling world, the Recon ADV, is designed to prioritize both style and function. This gravel shoe boasts a visually stunning design while still being able to tackle long distances. It is perfect for the adventurous rider who values time on the bike and requires a shoe that can withstand even the most rugged terrain.

The Recon ADV's impressive walkability is made possible by Stride Toe-Flex Technology. This feature ensures a more natural sensation while off the bike, perfect for exploring areas beyond the road. However, this shoe is not just aesthetically pleasing. Specialized Body Geometry Technology, developed over nearly two decades and backed by science, makes it a high-performing shoe on the pedals.

The Varus Wedge, Longitudinal Arch, and Metatarsal Button were created to keep your feet in the most optimal position when pedaling. This technology ensures that there is no pain, only peak performance. It also helps to align your feet with your knees and hips for a more comfortable and efficient ride.

In conclusion, the Recon ADV gravel shoe is the perfect combination of style and function. It is a shoe designed for the rider who seeks adventure and values comfort during long rides. Support your cycling passion with the Recon ADV, where form and function are perfectly balanced.


  • Stride Toe-Flex Technology allows greater toe flex for steep inclines inclines and improved walkability
  • Laser perforated upper features microfiber backing for better moisture management and supple feeling
  • Ride or hike in confidence with a TPU mudguard that offers protection from stone strikes
  • Pontoons create a stable pedal platform as well as aiding walking feel
  • Greater SlipNot rubber tread coverage on sole that’s optimized for gravel traction
  • Features proven Body Geometry Technology like the Varus Wedge to maintain efficient and comfortable hip, knee, and foot alignment while riding

Specialized Recon ADV MTB Shoes Sizing

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