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TORQ Energy Drink Single Serve Sachet Box of 15x33g

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Energy Drink Single Serve Sachet Box of 15x33g

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Stay hydrated and top up your electrolytes and carbohydrates when exercising, with the Torq Energy Drink Single Serve Sachet Box of 20x33g.

This pack contains 20 sachets and one should be added to 500 ml of water to maintain a homeostatic balance whatever the intensity of your workout.

Torq Energy Drink Single Serve Sachet Box of 20x33g

The Torq Energy Drink Single Serve Sachet Box of 20x33g will help you maintain your body's hydration requirements during exercise. It is recommended to consume two to three sachets per hour although the more you perspire, the more you will need. To perform at your peak, you need to stay hydrated and this energy drink, when mixed with water, supplies both fluid and a blend of five key electrolytes lost when you perspire, so you can work harder for longer. Each sachet provides you with 30g of multiple-transportable carbohydrates - this 2:1 blend of glucose-derivatives and fructose offers fast delivery of energy to the body in the form of carbohydrates; 40% more per hour than single glucose sources.


Maltodextrin (Glucose Polymers 60%), Fructose (30%), Citric Acid, Natural Flavouring (2%), Electrolytes (Sodium Chloride, Calcium Lactate, Potassium Chloride, Magnesium Carbonate).

Allergy Information

There are no nuts in this recipe and the product is packed in a nut-free environment, however, we cannot guarantee that nuts are not handled by staff or visitors on the factory premises. No gluten-containing ingredients are used in this product.

No Preservatives // No Colours // No Artificial Sweeteners // Natural Flavouring // Wheat-Free // Dairy-Free // Suitable for Vegans.

Tested under ISO 17025 for the presence of prohibited substances.

Nutritional information (per 100g)

Energy (kJ) 1522, Energy (Kcal) 365, Fat (g) 0, of which saturates (g) 0, Carbohydrates (g) 91, of which sugars (g) 30, Fibre (g) 0, Protein (g) 0, Sodium (mg) n/a, Chloride (mg) n/a, Potassium (mg) n/a, Calcium (mg) n/a, Magnesium (mg) n/a


  • Naturally flavoured isotonic exercise drink
  • Delivers a unique blend of carbohydrate and electrolytes to the working muscles
  • Light and refreshing taste
  • Contains 5 key electrolytes
  • Isotonic profile
  • Box contains 20 x 33g sachets

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