Thermarest Space Cowboy 45F/7C Long Sleeping Bag

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Space Cowboy 45F/7C Long Sleeping Bag

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Thermarest Space Cowboy 45F/7C Long Sleeping Bag

For taller users and milder weather conditions, Thermarest’s Space Cowboy 45F/7C Long Sleeping bag is a good option. The synthetic eraLoft insulation is light and cosy, with the hollow fibres trapping air and keeping the inside of the bag nice and warm, even when there is moisture in the air. The distribution of the insulation is zonal so that areas that need more warmth have more material and there is less where it is not so important, helping reduce weight and keeping the bag packable.

The SynergyLink system can be used to secure the bag on the sleep pad so that it stays in place and doesn’t end up on the uninsulated groundsheet. The shell and liner are made from recycled materials and an anti-snag YKK zip ensures that the fabrics don’t get damaged in use.

Please note, accessories shown are not included.


  • Recycled shell and liner: GRS-certified 100% recycled fabrics are eco-friendly while being lightweight, soft and durable
  • eraLoft™ insulation: Efficient and compressible, the proprietary synthetic insulation uses hollow fibres to trap air and boost warmth without added weight; dries fast and retains loft and warmth even when wet
  • SynergyLink™ Connectors: Ultralight straps create a secure bag-to-sleeping pad connection that optimises the comfort and thermal efficiency of the entire sleep system
  • YKK® Anti-Snag zip: Prevents accidental tears and eases entries and exits
  • Heat-Mapped Zoned Insulation: Delivers an elite warmth-to-weight ratio by allocating insulation to where it's most needed and reducing it where it isn’t
  • Combo stuff and storage sack included
  • Fill: Fill: eraLoft™ insulation
  • Fits: 168cm
  • Length: 216cm
  • Width: 82.5cm
  • Girth shoulder: 165cm
  • Girth hip:147cm
  • Girth footbox: 130cm
  • Packed dimensions: 20 x 26cm
  • EN comfort rating: 11°C
  • EN limit rating: 7°C
  • EN extreme rating: -6°C
  • Manufacturer’s claimed weight: 0.84kg

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