Topeak Roadie TT Pump

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Roadie TT Pump

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Topeak Roadie TT Pump

The Topeak Roadie TT Pump is a slender tyre inflation solution that is small enough to be neatly stored in a jersey pocket without being over-bulky. Its compact size but generous air capacity is made possible by an innovative dual-chamber system that allows tyres to be inflated quicker and to a higher pressure.

Full aluminium construction is aesthetically pleasing but robust while Presta only valve compatibility serves all road bike applications while cutting weight over a dual valve system. The thumb lock configuration ensures an air-tight seal around the valve while the integrated dust cap keeps contaminants from entering the pump head, even when riding in filthy conditions.

A side mount bracket complements by fastening securely to a bike's bottle cage bosses and provides an alternative but smart storage option if a riders pockets are otherwise filled.


  • A pocket-sized mini pump that has a large pressure capacity suitable for road tyres
  • Dual-chamber system delivers more air at a higher pressure to inflate tyres faster and easier
  • Full aluminium construction is neat and robust
  • Presta valve only compatibility keeps the weight low
  • Thumb lock lever ensures an airtight seal around the valve
  • Integrated dust cap keeps contaminants at bay
  • An included side mount bracket attaches the pump to the bottle cage bolts
  • Dimensions: 19.5 x 3.3 x 2.35cm
  • Capacity: 160psi / 11 bar
  • Volume per stroke: 41.4 cc
  • Manufacturer claimed weight: 100 grams

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