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Vittoria Corsa Pro Speed TLR G2.0 Tyre

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Corsa Pro Speed TLR G2.0 Tyre

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Vittoria Corsa Pro Speed TLR G2.0 Tyre

The Vittoria Corsa Pro Speed TLR G2.0 Tyre represents the culmination of extensive research and development carried out by Vittoria's team of experts over three seasons of racing analysis. Demonstrating a steadfast commitment to offering racers top-tier products, Vittoria has engineered a tyre that optimises speed, grip, and control for time trial and triathlon applications.

Utilising an advanced Graphene + Silica compound tailored specifically to deliver unmatched efficiency, while maintaining exceptional grip on both dry and wet surfaces, the Corsa Pro Speed ensures faster lap times and a smoother riding experience.

Vittoria collaborated with numerous athletes and teams to achieve this milestone. The domination of Stage 16 Time Trial at the 2023 Tour de France by Jonas Vingegaard highlighted a consistent trend, further supported by victories in the Belgian National Time Trial by Wout van Aert, and in the Dutch National Time Trial by Jos van Emden – all utilising the Corsa Pro Speed.

By seamlessly integrating the tread into the sidewall, the Corsa Pro Speed construction enhances the performance of the fastest tyre, combining the Graphene + Silica compound, an ultra-supple cotton casing, and an updated tread pattern, all cured electrically to minimise rolling resistance. Internal testing results demonstrate a 5% improvement in rolling performance, accompanied by a 2% reduction in weight. The distribution of circumferential grooves on the tread has been optimised compared to the Corsa Speed, featuring a wider centre slick area and closer grooves to enhance suppleness and cornering grip. The Corsa Pro Speed Corespun 320 TPI cotton casing is exceptionally lightweight, ensuring ultimate suppleness, speed, and enhanced cornering grip.

The Graphene + Silica compound guarantees speed and confidence across various surface conditions, providing ultimate control. While the technology remains consistent with that of the Corsa Pro and Corsa Pro Control, the formulation is tailored specifically for time trial use, maximising speed while ensuring a very high level of grip, particularly on wet surfaces, as demonstrated throughout the 2023 race season.

This extremely lightweight tyre guarantees ultimate suppleness and speed without compromising grip. The tread thickness is lower than that of the Corsa Pro and comparable to the previous Corsa Speed in the centre, tapering smoothly towards the sidewall in its seamless construction, facilitated by the new manufacturing process which includes electrical curing.

The Corsa Pro Speed is TSS (HOOKLESS) compatible for Tubeless-Ready (TLR) 28mm width size up.


  • Material: Corespun 320 TPI
  • Compound: Graphene and Silica
  • Discipline: Road Competition Race
  • Construction: Tubeless
  • Size: 700-24,26,28c
  • Weight: 24-225g, 26-230g, 28-250g

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