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Wheels Manufacturing T47 Angular Contact Outboard BB for 24mm (Shimano)

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Ride with enhanced performance and durability with the Wheels Manufacturing T47 Angular Contact Outboard Bottom Bracket.

Tailored to pair with 24mm Shimano cranks, this American made component eliminates unwanted creaking through its threaded design, while compatibility with 68mm to 100mm wide shells makes it a top choice for a broad range of frames.

Wheels Manufacturing T47 Angular Contact Outboard BB for 24mm (Shimano)

The Wheels Manufacturing T47 Angular Contact Outboard BB has been designed to pair with threaded shells and Shimano cranks with a 24mm spindle diameter. Made in the USA, this premium bottom bracket utilises machined aluminium cups that thread directly into the shell to eliminate creaking and enhance stiffness, while the bearings can be easily serviced or replaced. Compatible with frames with shells varying between 68mm and 100mm wide, this is a versatile option.


  • T47 threaded BB cups for T47 frames and 24mm diameter spindle cranks
  • Cups have outboard bearings, and can be used in BB shells with widths from 68mm to 100mm
  • Machined aluminum cups thread together directly into a T47 BB shell
  • Bearings are easily serviced or replaced
  • T47 BB cups are similar to standard BSA threaded cups in that the drive side cup is left-hand thread and the non-drive side cup is right-hand thread
  • Use a quality grease when installing in steel or aluminum BB shells, and an anti-seize compound compatible with titanium BB shells
  • Made in the USA

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