XLab Delta 400 Gorilla

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Delta 400 Gorilla
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The Xlab Delta 400 Gorilla is made up of an aircraft grade aluminium mount and an XLab Gorilla carbon fibre cage.

Bolting securely onto the saddle rails the cage's angle and height can be adjusted. The mount enables you to carry an XLab Repair Holder and Speed Chuck.

XLab Delta 400 Gorilla

One of the fastest ways to stay hydrated and be prepared for any mechanical mishap. The Xlab Delta 400 Gorilla is a rear carrier designed by the triathlon and Ironman specialists to be aerodynamic, easy to use and secure.

The clamp and cage design bolts onto the saddle's rails and is hidden behind the rider in a low drag position. Reaching behind to reach your bottle on the move is simple with the system's wide range of adjustability. The cage's angle can be altered, as can the height, meaning your hydration needs are always within easy reach.

Placing the bottle in the Gorilla carbon fibre cage is a simple procedure with the flared cage design. Once the bottle is in the cage, the 14 lbs of grip ensures you bottle will stay put, however rough the terrain.

The aircraft aluminium formed mount is vibration proof and lightweight. The whole unit weighs just 141.5 grams, so is perfect for the weight conscious racer.

Not just carrying your water bottle, the mount also allows you to attach XLab's Repair Holder and Speed Chuck. Placing these items securely on the mount leaves your trisuit pockets clear and your frame uncluttered.

Please note: Images are for illustrative purposes only. The item does not include a water bottle, Speed Chuck or Repair Holder.


  • Black
  • Aircraft aluminium mount. Carbon fibre bottle cage
  • 141.5 grams
  • Delta 400 mount has a 2 year limited warranty and the Gorilla Cage has a lifetime limited warranty

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