Zone3 Aquaflo Plus Trisuit

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Aquaflo Plus Trisuit

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The ultra-hydrophobic Aquaflo Plus Trisuit is a competitive piece of kit from Zone3 that's suitable for triathletes of all abilities.

With a Teflon coating, the garment cuts through water with ease and continues to repel water when on the bike and in the run. A breathable back fabric provides a cooling effect for warmer race days.

Zone3 Aquaflo Plus Trisuit

Designed with comfort in mind, the award winning Zone3 Aquaflo Plus Trisuit is a popular choice among triathletes of all abilities. Zone3's Aquaflo fabric has a Teflon coating for reduced drag and outstanding water repulsion. The suit enhances the triathlete's speed during the swim, naturally absorbing very little water to stay light and offer a quick-drying experience once on the bike. Xtra-Life Lycra ensures great shape retention and comfort throughout the race. The Aquaflo fabric also provides great compression and muscle support to the legs, so the athlete can perform for longer without experiencing lactic acid build-up. Breathability is optimised by the Revolution-X fabric on the back of the garment. It's ultra-light, breathable and provides comfort with its high-stretch attributes.

The Tri-lite pad is created specifically for the needs of triathlon, providing great comfort on the saddle while sporting a low profile so it doesn't impede the athlete while running or in the water. Fine-line stitching further reduces any risk of irritation. Extra ventilation during the cycle or run can be called upon by opening the semi-auto lock zipper to the front of the trisuit. Two carefully positioned pockets provide storage for in-race nutrition without dominating the trisuit.


  • Over seven years of award-winning reviews based on performance, comfort and value
  • The high-tech, water repellent Aquaflo fabric is fast, breathable and offers great coverage
  • Xtra-Life Lycra ensures great shape retention
  • Revolution-X breathable fabric to the back
  • New wider Italian leg grippers for comfort and support
  • Two carefully positioned nutrition pockets
  • Top quality triathlon pad
  • Stylish design

Zone3 Aquaflo Plus Trisuit Sizing

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