Zone3 Aspect Breaststroke Wetsuit

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Aspect Breaststroke Wetsuit

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Zone3 Aspect Breaststroke Wetsuit

Nearly all wetsuits are designed to function while the swimmer performs the front crawl, but the Zone3 Aspect Wetsuit has been conceived to excel during the breaststroke technique. The construction uses varying thicknesses of neoprene to help the legs stay submerged and in an optimal position to perform the breaststroke leg kick. High stretch inner leg panels also aid this leg kick, while highly supple Smoothskin neoprene is used for the front torso panel to facilitate chest expansion. All the neoprene panels are treated with an Aqua-X coating to reduce drag in the water and increase swimming speeds.

Despite its breaststroke oriented design, this suit still functions admirably during the front crawl, allowing the swimmer to reduce fatigue by using two strokes during long events. An easy to open YKK zip cuts time in transition, and neon orange arm cuffs increase visibility in open water environments.


  • Specifically designed to offer comfort and flexibility while swimming breaststroke
  • Also suitable for front crawl swimming
  • Excellent warmth, comfort and flexibility is provided by the neoprene construction
  • High-stretch inner leg panels aid with the breaststroke leg kick
  • Smoothskin, high-stretch neoprene gives an extended range of movement across the chest
  • Varied thicknesses of neoprene help to reduced lower leg buoyancy, allowing the legs to stay submerged for a better breaststroke leg kick
  • Aqua-X coating is applied to the neoprene to significantly reduce drag in the water
  • Neon orange arm cuffs for visibility
  • Easy to use downward YKK zip

Zone3 Aspect Breaststroke Wetsuit Sizing

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