Zone3 Aspire Womens Wetsuit Bundle

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Aspire Womens Wetsuit Bundle

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Zone3 Aspire Womens Wetsuit Bundle

This Zone3 Bundle includes a high performance Aspire Womens Wetsuit, Transition Backpack and Race Belt in a great value package, so you're geared up and ready for open water swims and triathlons. 

The wetsuit brings together high flexibility in the chest and shoulders with Aerodome buoyancy panels in the legs and hips, optimising position in the water and increasing distance per stroke. The Yamamoto neoprene is lightweight and has an SCS Nano coating to reduce hydrodynamic drag, and the laser-cut collar enhances comfort, creating a 'soft-seal' at the neck. Transition times will be cut by the ease at which this suit can be removed, thanks to Pro Speed Cuffs at the wrists and ankles, and a downward YKK zip.

Store all your kit in the Transition Bag, which has three main sections to suit different items. The bottom section is completely waterproof and perfect for wet gear, the middle features zipped mesh pockets and removable PVC wallets, while the top is a bigger space ideal for a helmet or shoes, with a fleece pocket for your phone. There are also an external phone pocket and bottle compartments. The bag is made comfortable to carry thanks to a padded back section, padded straps and a chest strap.

Wearing your race number is made easy by the Triathlon Race belt, and attaches using secure toggles, so you can fit it under your wetsuit, ready and in place for when you come out of the water. It also includes three loops for attaching gels, taking care of race fuel. 


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  • Aspire Wetsuit is designed for high flexibility and buoyancy support in the legs and hips
  • Laser-cut collar designed for a more comfortable ‘soft-seal’ fit around the neck
  • Made with 100% Yamamoto materials to ensure a much lighter, more flexible suit
  • SCS Nano coating to significantly reduce the underwater coefficient of dynamic friction
  • Downward YKK zip is easy to grab for fast transitions
  • Pro Speed Cuffs on the arms and the legs for rapid removal
  • Recognisable red cuffs for improved visibility
  • Transition Backpack has numerous compartments for race day kit including waterproof and extra-protective sections
  • Comfort is enhanced by a padded, breathable back panel, padded shoulder straps and chest straps
  • Triathlon Race Belt has three energy gel loops, race number toggles and reflective logos
  • Adjustable fit

Zone3 Aspire Womens Wetsuit Bundle Sizing

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